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juvederm treatment

Does Juvederm Treatment last Longer as per your expectations?

Juvederm or Juvedrum ultra treatment is a high-tech facial treatment that involves dermal fillers. This treatment is used to restore volume and reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face. It magically helps to make you look younger in virtually no time. You can get this treatment done in a well-known Spa in Orlando named New U Med Spa. in this article we will tell you more about Juvedrum treatment and how long it lasts. All you have to do is keep reading.

What is Juvederm Facial?

At New U Med Spa, this highly advanced facial is done in order to induce anti-aging serums into your skin. These serums are used for skin tightening and Botox. As a result of this treatment, you will find super soft skin with reduced pore size. Irrespective of gender, this treatment can be used by men and women to get rid of wrinkles, and lines. It is also used to regain your volume back into your face so that you may look fresher than before.

Why choose Juvederm facial at New U Med Spa?

New U Med Spa consists of a team of highly professional doctors that will give the ultimate solution to your skin problems. They facilitate patients with quality service with the assurance that patients will leave satisfactorily. Following are the benefits of Juvederm facial:

1. Non-Surgical Treatment:

The Juvederm facial is a micro-needling procedure that is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. With the affordable price range offered by New U Med Spa, you can avail the benefits of Juvederm facial and can get rid of unwanted wrinkles in an hour. It boosts your confidence level as well as skin radiance so that you will get prepared for important events.

2. No Recovery Time Required:

No anesthesia or numbing is required in this treatment. You will not experience any kind of pain during this treatment. You can come, get this treatment done, and can easily go back to your work. Highly qualified doctors in New U Med Spa, Orlando make sure that you get the best result in minimum time without any pain.

3.Long-Lasting Results:

At New U Med Spa, you can experience a significant change in your overall skin texture right after the first sitting. Judvederm facial gives immediate results that last for months. However, for some cases, Juvederm also lasts up to one year. When you notice it wearing, its time to book your next appointment.

What should be your next step?

Now that you have enough knowledge about Juvederm Facial and how long does it last, it is time to look into scheduling your first appointment in New U Med Spa, Orlando. For more information, you can consult our qualified professionals and they will guide you about this treatment. It is always advisable to go for quality service when it comes to your skin and appearance.  So what are you still waiting for? Call us now on (407)-305-6162 and book your free consultation today to get your desired dream look. You can also book an appointment by filling out the form.

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