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Hair loss is more than just a matter concerning one’s appearance. For many, thinning hair or losing large clumps of hair is a source of embarrassment. Both men and women all over the world suffer in the shame of not having a full head of healthy hair. Good thing there are many available hair restoration techniques that are safer and less invasive in nature.

Acell + PRP with Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery

These three, when used as part of a complete hair regrowth process, create the best hair replacement system that takes advantage of advanced technology and the body’s natural healing ability. For faster recuperation time, visible results and long-term hair growth, try ACell + PRP With Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery.

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician. When considering getting a medical procedure a person takes many things into account but the most important thing they consider is which doctor will they be trusted with their face and body.

Dr. J performs this procedure at the New U Med Spa, and let us assure you that with his years of experience and artistic skills this procedure turns out to be a very worthwhile experience for you, which gives you equally promising results in return.

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