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BodyTite® Body Sculpting

BodyTite® is a uniquely designed technology that is recently introduced for contouring the body. You can select this procedure for your body sculpting because this is a less invasive procedure and it doesn’t involve any surgery. This procedure is performed through radiofrequency radiation which heats and breaks down the fat cells, so these cells are easily expelled from the body. Radiofrequency radiation produces heat that encourages skin tightening, after the treatment skin becomes more toned and youthful. Patients who take BodyTite® treatment are more satisfied as they don’t have to go through time-taking procedures, this is a safe and quick procedure that involves no downtime.

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Non-Surgical Body Contouring near me in Orlando

When we talk about having saggy and loose skin addressed after going through a body contouring procedure, BodyTite® is the best non-invasive option for such issues. Living in Florida, want to have BodyTite® special treatment? No need to worry about this, New U Med Spa in Orlando, Florida is providing this BodyTite® special treatment, and Dr. J MD and his technical and professional staff members are available to provide complete assistance. BodyTite® procedure is FDA-approved, it employs radiofrequency radiation to liquefy fat cells while tightening the skin. BodyTite® treatment can be used to treat several parts of the body including arms, breasts, hips, abdomen, thighs, and more. This procedure is performed through a small cannula that is inserted under the skin then radiofrequency radiations are supplied to burn the fat cells. BodyTite® is a quick and easy procedure and requires little to no downtime. This wonderful alternative to surgery is provided at New U Med Spa for all the people looking for non-invasive body contouring in Orlando.

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J Sculpt™Selecting the best Spa for body contouring in Orlando Florida is a huge challenge, you’ll find it difficult to select unless you consider some points.

  • Conform that the Spa you are stepping into has a service provider who is a Board Certified Physician so that the physician can understand your specific requirements. Make sure all the Body contouring procedures are offered under his supervision to avoid any chance of getting mistreated.
  • Ask if the Spa is offering consultation, so all your concerns can be addressed, you can have a brief discussion with your physician to clear all your confusion and know about the risks and benefits.
  • Body contouring is a complicated procedure so it should be considered to have a conveniently accessible location so you can avoid extra traveling and other problems.

New U Med Spa is a well-situated and easily accessible spa for people living in central Florida. You can contact New U Med Spa for all your queries, the team will provide sufficient answers.

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Non-Surgical BodyTite® Treatment near me in Orlando

New U Med Spa is a leading provider of body contouring procedures in Orlando, Florida. For people, especially ladies who are willing to have a more contour body, reduce sagging skin and restore skin elasticity without any downtime, and are willing to get quickly recovered, New U Med Spa would be suggested to be the most reliable option for Body contouring procedures. New U Med Spa offers BodyTite® among all other body contouring procedures.

To boost the production of collagen in the body, and provide skin a youthful appearance BodyTite® is a body contouring method that helps with this. BodyTite® employs a specially designed handpiece that provides controlled heating to the skin’s deeper layers to burn the fat cells, the outer layers of the skin remain safe during this process. This procedure is far better than traditional surgical techniques.

BodyTite® is a great non-surgical option for body contouring and is highly helpful for repairing sagging skin. A short recovery time is one of the main benefits of BodyTite® for those who couldn’t afford to take off from work. Along with BodyTite®, a number of other body contouring procedures are offered at New U Med Spa, Dr. J MD a competent Board Certified Physician listens to every patient’s requirements and preferences and customizes treatments accordingly. Dr. J MD is devoted to providing the highest quality treatment to each patient as per their desired needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about BodyTite®, kindly schedule a consultation at New U Med Spa in Orlando, Florida. Our staff will provide you whole guidance.

Benefits of Body Contouring Procedures

  • These procedures are extremely helpful in maintaining physical appearance which boosts the self-confidence of people. Body contouring treatments tone the body and help tighten the skin. The body becomes more contoured and shaped.
  • When excess fat is removed from the body the risk factor of developing health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease is reduced.
  • There are no risks and lengthy processes associated with these newly introduced body sculpting procedures. Several body contouring procedures are offered these days that are non-surgical and require no downtime or recovery period.
  • Body contouring methods can be customized according to the individual’s requirements and needs. People having these procedures done would surely be happy with the results.
  • The long-term benefits of body shaping treatments can be sustained by leading a healthy lifestyle. This indicates that you will continue to benefit from your treatment for many years ahead.
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BodyTite® provider near me in Orlando Florida

New U Med Spa is one of the leading Spas in Orlando Florida where Dr. J MD and all his professional team members are always willing to provide the finest services. BodyTite® is available at selective locations in Orlando, and New U Med Spa is one of those. People who want to have a sculpted body and desire to get rid of excess fat from certain body parts should stop worrying because a Certified Physician and experienced person Dr. J MD is ready to perform BodyTite® near you in Orlando.

Don’t waste any time further and consult New U Med Spa for booking an appointment and starting a more confident life.

Kiss those wrinkles goodbye with Botox®. The word “Botox®” has become synonymous with “anti-aging” in recent years. Botox® is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the aesthetic world. Botox® is a safe, effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Botox® is Botulinum Toxin. Botox® is injected in very small amounts into specific muscles and acts by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to cease the contraction and relax the muscles.
BodyTite® causes the muscle to tighten and shrink by 20–45%. If you can keep weight maintained within approximately 10 pounds, the benefits can be seen for several years.
BodyTite® can help improve skin laxity after significant weight loss or as a result of aging in addition to tightening skin and simultaneously lowering fat. The results with BodyTite® are 40% firmer, it is considered better than traditional Lipo.
The effect of Body sculpting or body contouring is that these procedures help to reduce weight, enhance body shape, and tighten the surface of the skin.
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