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PRF Hair Restoration

With medical science making progress at a very rapid rate, we get to hear about the different miracles that are now being achieved thanks to it. The impossible is slowly becoming possible again, and what we thought of like a dream yesterday, is slowly making its way to reality today.
PRF Hair Restoration
PRF Treatment For Hair

What is PRF Hair Restoration Therapy?

The advancements in medical technology have been solving several problems that we have had since always. Among them, one such problem was that of ‘Hair Loss’. Some people start experiencing this problem at a particular stage of their life, whereas for some people, this problem has been there since forever.

Several factors and causes contribute to hair loss and put the affected person in a state of sadness and frustration over it. But now, we don’t think anybody would be sad about their hair loss anymore. Do you know why? Because we are now bringing such a therapy that will work to stimulate new hair growth on your head and will solve all your hair-loss problems this way!

This treatment is called the PRF-based Hair Restoration Therapy and it is a modern-day, advanced medical technology. This is a therapy that utilizes a person’s platelets for gaining results. When the platelets are injected into the site of action, that is, the scalp area, they cause a noticeable increase in hair growth.

It is a procedure that has immensely gained popularity among people, and celebrities, and sportsmen too, mainly because the majority of the people deal with hair loss issues, and with something so promising and beneficial introduced to them, they definitely had to try this out!

What happens in the PRF Hair Restoration therapy?

The PRF Hair Restoration Therapy is simple and easy to perform procedure that hardly takes an hour to be completed. The procedure is safe and free from any kind of side effects, so just relax and you will get done with it before you know it.

Here is a brief overview that will tell you what to expect from this procedure.

  • We will draw a small blood sample from your arm and place it into a centrifuge. The purpose of doing so is simple: we want to separate your platelets from the blood cells so that we can extract the Fibrin content, which is highly rich in growth factors and is a product that is the primary requirement for this procedure.
  • After we have the platelet-rich fibrin, we inject this onto your scalp, wherever it’s needed.
  • Once the platelets are injected, they collect at the site and begin to secrete their fibrin and its growth factors, which in turn begins working its magic and starts regenerating the hair follicles to promote hair growth.
  • You might experience a little swelling over injected areas, but it usually resolves on its own within hours. For your ease and comfort, we will also give local anesthesia to numb the scalp before the treatment, so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Within 6 to 12 weeks, you will start noticing a visible difference in your hair health and would be able to flaunt your locks finally.
PRF Injections Hair

How Is PRF Therapy Different From The Power PRP Hair Restoration Therapy?

Both Power PRP-enriched and PRF-enriched plasmas are used for hair restoration purposes. Both are beneficial and have their advantages. PRF obtained from patient own blood with a single step, low-speed centrifugation system without adding anticoagulants. Studies showed by creating a much effective three-dimensional tissue matrix or engineering scaffold constructs, not only more platelet-derived growth factors were found, but many other key nutrients and proteins were embedded in the PRF network. The new PRF-based matrices are known to play an important role in the process of healing and new tissue formations, so, you are being given more healing factors than Power PRP.

What Happens In The PRF Hair Restoration Therapy

Well, this procedure is quite beneficial for all the people who receive this therapy. Here are a few highlighted benefits for you:

  • The entire process is non-surgical, which means that there would be no blades, no cuts, and no incisions involved in the process. So, ultimately – no bandages!
  • This process is quick and does not take a long time to be performed. You will be done and free to go home within an hour.
  • The procedure is relatively painless. Topical numbing cream and local anesthesia are applied before treatment to avoid any pain or discomfort.
  • Prevents hair loss and keeps your hair thicker and healthier.
  • Minimal to no downtime after treatment.

Will This Therapy Be Perfect For Me ?

If you are someone (both male and female) who has been dealing with a hair loss problem, then yes, you are perfectly eligible to be treated with the PRF-based Hair Restoration Technique. At the New U Med Spa, we offer a complementary consultation and address all your questions and concern. Dr. J and his team can evaluate and inform you if you are a good candidate for this treatment.
Prf hair restoration
Dr J

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician. When considering getting a medical procedure a person takes many things into account but the most important thing they consider is which doctor will they be trusted with their face and body.

Dr. J performs this procedure at the New U Med Spa, and let us assure you that with his years of experience and artistic skills this procedure turns out to be a very worthwhile experience for you, which gives you equally promising results in return.

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