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Does Under Eye Filler make you look younger?

eye fillers

As we grow older, our eyes become saggy and lose fat pads below our eyes. As a result of this, we start to notice unwanted bags under our eyes due to the hollowness. To avoid this issue, medical science gives you the ultimate solution in the form of under-eye filler treatment. This treatment is used to lighten the tear trough, thus making your eyes more prominent and beautiful. How does Eye Filler work? To be very honest, it can be correctly said that eye fillers can do wonders and change your overall appearance. Irrespective of gender, it is the right of every person to look confident and beautiful. At New U Med Spa, a team of highly qualified doctors uses dermal fillers in order to get this treatment done. These fillers are completely safe and supported by FDA. before this treatment, all the necessary information related to the patient’s history, sensitivities, allergic reactions are noted in order to go through the process smoothly. In New U Med Spa, it is the foremost duty to give quality services to the clients so that they will leave satisfactorily. What are the types of Under-Eye Fillers? There are four important types of under-eye fillers which are explained below: 1.Restylane: The basic ingredient of this filler is hyaluronic acid which is widely used under the eyes and other parts of the face including chin and lips. 2.Belotero: It is similar to Restylane filler but it seems to work more efficiently in order to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles on the face. 3.PRP(Platelet-Rich Plasma): It is also known as ‘vampire facelift’, in this treatment your own blood is taken, purified, and then injected back in order to activate the dead cells. 4.Juvederm: This is one of the most popular and demanding fillers available at New U Med Spa that is majorly used to make your skin smoother. What are the benefits of Eye Filler? Under eye filler treatment can help you achieve your dream look in virtually no time.  Following are the befits of this treatment which you can easily avail of from the New U Med Spa in Orlando. The outcome is natural looking, and no one can notice that you have gone through any treatment. Under eye filler treatment has long-lasting results which you can notice right after a few days of injection. This treatment restores your lost volume under your eyes immediately and makes you look younger. You can notice that your face is balanced after this treatment and your eyes become more prominent than before. Under-eye fillers also help to reduce dark circles around your eyes and make them look brighter. What should be your next step? Since you get all the necessary information regarding under-eye filler and its benefits, it is high time to rush towards New U Med Spa and get this treatment done. With the help of under-eye filler treatment, you can achieve your dream look. In addition to a variety of fillers, New U Med Spa in Orlando also offers a wide range of other cosmetic treatments including chin enhancement, micro-needling, hair restoration, and many more. Contact us today by filling out the form below and booking your first appointment.

What do you expect after Chin Fillers?

chin filler

Chin is an important feature on your face that overall characterizes your face structure. You can enhance your chin with the help of Chin Filler so that you look perfectly right from any angle. This high-tech treatment can shape your skin without any surgical procedure and helps to improve your overall profile. At New U Med Spa in Orlando, you can get this treatment done by highly professional doctors and can easily achieve your dream look in no time. What are the benefits of Chin Filler Treatment? With the passage of time, our chin begins to move backward thus reducing the face support. Chin filler treatment uses advanced technology in order to re-volumize your overall facial structure. This treatment is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. In New u Med Spa, the team of qualified doctors closely access every patient’s profile and suggest chin filler according to their anatomy. Following are the benefits of Chin Filler: 1.Can strengthen your weak chin: The ideal position of the chin is roughly 3mm posterior to a line down the nose-lip-chin plane. At New U Med Spa, chin filler can be done to build your proper face projection. 2.Can improve your chin-length:   Ideally, a perfect face should be divided into three equal 1/3rd parts. The first 1/3rd part is the forehead, the second 1/3rd part is the nose to the upper lip and the third 1/3rd part is lips to chin. To achieve this ideal face figure, chin filler treatments are used.  3.Can Reshape unbalanced chin:   Chin Filler treatment is also used to reshape your unbalanced chin. It can efficiently fill hollowness and dimples thus giving your more symmetry that you can ever dream of. At New U Med Spa, qualified professionals make sure to help you achieve your desired look in virtually no time. 4.Can reduce double chin:   Double chin is the problem of every other man and woman and can destroy your overall face look completely. New U Med Spa offers you Chin filler treatment that can significantly reduce your double chin and helps you look slim. Qualified doctors in Orlando make this miracle happen by drawing a definition line between jawline and neck, thus making your chin more prominent and beautiful. 5.Prevent Signs of Ageing:   With the help of Chin Filler treatment, you can easily prevent your signs of aging at an early stage. By adding more volume and strength to your chin, you can stay beautiful for a longer period of time. What should be your next step? Since you get all the necessary information regarding chin fillers, it is high time to book your appointment now and get your dream look. For further information about chin fillers or any other dermal filler near me treatment, you can visit New U Med Spa today and get the answers to all your queries. So what are you still waiting for? Call us now on (407)-305-6162 and book your free consultation today to get your desired dream look. You can also book an appointment.

Does Juvederm Treatment last Longer as per your expectations?

juvederm treatment

Juvederm or Juvedrum ultra treatment is a high-tech facial treatment that involves dermal fillers. This treatment is used to restore volume and reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face. It magically helps to make you look younger in virtually no time. You can get this treatment done in a well-known Spa in Orlando named New U Med Spa. in this article we will tell you more about Juvedrum treatment and how long it lasts. All you have to do is keep reading. What is Juvederm Facial? At New U Med Spa, this highly advanced facial is done in order to induce anti-aging serums into your skin. These serums are used for skin tightening and Botox. As a result of this treatment, you will find super soft skin with reduced pore size. Irrespective of gender, this treatment can be used by men and women to get rid of wrinkles, and lines. It is also used to regain your volume back into your face so that you may look fresher than before. Why choose Juvederm facial at New U Med Spa? New U Med Spa consists of a team of highly professional doctors that will give the ultimate solution to your skin problems. They facilitate patients with quality service with the assurance that patients will leave satisfactorily. Following are the benefits of Juvederm facial: 1. Non-Surgical Treatment: The Juvederm facial is a micro-needling procedure that is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. With the affordable price range offered by New U Med Spa, you can avail the benefits of Juvederm facial and can get rid of unwanted wrinkles in an hour. It boosts your confidence level as well as skin radiance so that you will get prepared for important events. 2. No Recovery Time Required: No anesthesia or numbing is required in this treatment. You will not experience any kind of pain during this treatment. You can come, get this treatment done, and can easily go back to your work. Highly qualified doctors in New U Med Spa, Orlando make sure that you get the best result in minimum time without any pain. 3.Long-Lasting Results: At New U Med Spa, you can experience a significant change in your overall skin texture right after the first sitting. Judvederm facial gives immediate results that last for months. However, for some cases, Juvederm also lasts up to one year. When you notice it wearing, its time to book your next appointment. What should be your next step? Now that you have enough knowledge about Juvederm Facial and how long does it last, it is time to look into scheduling your first appointment in New U Med Spa, Orlando. For more information, you can consult our qualified professionals and they will guide you about this treatment. It is always advisable to go for quality service when it comes to your skin and appearance.  So what are you still waiting for? Call us now on (407)-305-6162 and book your free consultation today to get your desired dream look. You can also book an appointment by filling out the form.

How does a medical spa differ from a day spa?

medical spa day spa

If you are looking for relaxing facial treatment, mud wraps and full body massage then a day spa is a perfect option for you. On the other hand, if you want technological advanced treatments for long lasting results then you should go for a medical spa. At New U Med Spa you can avail numerous medical spa treatments which include lip augmentation, facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, hair loss treatments and many more. In this article we will tell you about both day spa and a medical spa so that you can easily decide the suitable option for you. What is a day spa? The basic objective of Day Spa is to facilitate customers with relaxing treatments. They have several treatment rooms called sauna rooms, massage rooms, and tai chi rooms for an amazing experience. They focus on offering non-medical treatments like waxing, hot stone massage and facials to the clients who are looking to feel better at the end of the day. Many licensed service providers are there to give you soothing treatments. What is a medical Spa? In a medical spa you will find advanced treatments using modern cosmetic technology. These spas are operated under the supervision of highly qualified dermatologists having a proper working licence. New U Med Spa is one of the best platforms in Orlando that facilitate customers with a wide range of medical services. Services offer in New U Med Spa: At New U Med Spa, it has to be ensured to give our client high-quality service so that they will leave satisfactorily. Without any doubt, the services that we provide are the best in Orlando and will surely make you feel refreshed. Following is the list of services that you can avail from New U Med Spa in Orlando: Facial Rejuvenation This is one of the revolutionary treatments offered by New U Med Spa. It deposits Anti-Aging serum and skin tightening serum so that your skin will look more fresh with no pores at all. Anti-Aging treatments   In anti-Aging treatments we primarily focus on skin rejuvenation and non-surgical facelift procedures. These non-surgical face lifts can help you in nose reshaping, chin enhancement, and lip enhancement features. Hair Restoration treatments   This is non-invasive and non-surgical treatment through which you can get rid of your hair loss problems. Hair loss treatment doctors in Orlando facilitate you with high tech PRP, PRF and LLLT treatments that will give you the ultimate solution to your hair loss. Body contouring   It is the best treatment by which you can get rid of unwanted body fat. It uses Radio Frequency in order to eliminate fat with the assurance that no light ray can harm your body. It is 100% medically proven treatment with no side effects at all. What should be your next step? All these treatments mentioned above are done by highly qualified professionals in New U Med Spa, having complete knowledge regarding human anatomy. You can’t avail these high-tech treatments from any ordinary day spa. So what are you waiting for? Pick a date and book your consultation in New U Med Spa by calling us on (407)-853-2676 or mail us at to make the most of our awesome services.

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