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Penis Fat Transfer Treatment

Lipofilling, also known as penis fat transfer treatment, is a cosmetic procedure that includes the evacuation of fat from different parts of the body using liposuction. The fat is then refined before being injected into the penile shaft to increase both its girth and length. This procedure is usually performed by highly trained and qualified professionals.

Penis Fat Transfer in Orlando

There are several methods for enhancing the thickness and fullness of the penis, one of them is Penis Fat Transfer offered at New U Med Spa Orlando. This method is often divided into two phases. The first step is to conduct liposuction to remove fat from places such as the thighs or abdomen. The extracted and purified fat cells are then injected into the penis in the next stage. Many men choose this treatment because they believe their penises need to have more girth and length.

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New U Med Spa offers Penis Fat Transfer

In the field of men’s sexual well-being, New U Med Spa strives to provide a wide range of therapies under the supervision of Dr. J MD, who specializes in treating erectile dysfunction. Among the services provided, the most frequent therapy requested by patients is the transforming process of penis fat transfer. Dr. J MD arranges this process at New U Med Spa in collaboration with qualified colleagues, strengthening its status as the premier location in Orlando, Florida for people seeking advancement in this sector. Dr. J MD works tirelessly to assist his patients achieve their dreams, promoting increased sexual energy and self-assurance.

Rest assured, New U Med Spa is the best option for males looking for Penis enlargement near me fat transfer in the captivating city of Orlando, Florida. Dr. J MD and his highly regarded associates gladly anticipate the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service.

Penis Enlargement Fat Transfer

Many men are dissatisfied with the size, girth, and general look of their penis, yet many are afraid of surgical procedures or fillers. Fortunately, Penis Fat Transfer appears as the best option for individuals looking for an alternative. This procedure involves the evacuation of fat from particular areas of the patient’s body by liposuction, followed by a careful cleaning process. Purified fat cells are then inserted into the penile shaft to increase its size. Fat is often collected from places such as the thighs or abdomen. The use of the patient’s own body fat, in particular, removes the chance of allergic responses, enabling a safe and individualized process.
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The Advantages of Penis Fat Transfer

The treatment of penis fat transfer gained popularity among men due to its multiple advantages.

  • This process is less invasive since it doesn’t require any cutting, stitching, or significant surgery.
  • Patients are often released within a few hours after the procedure’s completion.
  • Penis fat transfer enhances the look of the penis by increasing its girth and length, resulting in increased sexual performance.
  • The fat utilized for transfer is removed from the patient’s own body, the procedure normally has minimal to no side effects.
  • This therapy can help people overcome erectile dysfunction and achieve better erections.
  • Due to the short recovery time required, patients may generally resume their regular work routine within a week after procedures.
  • Men who have undergone penile fat transfer have reported an improvement in confidence and greater sexual performance.


It is very important to remember that these advantages are only available if the treatment is conducted by a professional and experienced practitioner.

Precautions after Receiving Penis Fat Transfer Treatment

It is advisable to wear loose underwear to provide adequate room and to prevent putting undue pressure on the treated region. Avoid indulging in any activities that entail lifting big weights, as this may put a burden on the healing process. It is critical to stop any sexual activities for a few weeks in order for the treated region to recover completely.

It is essential that you follow all of your healthcare provider’s directions. They will provide you with specialist advice adapted to your condition to guarantee the best possible recovery and results.

You may enhance recovery and maximize the success of your penis fat transfer therapy by following these precautions and instructions.

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Dr. J MD Offers the Best Services

If you are considering penis enlargement Orlando by fat transfer, you must be certain that the treatment is carried out by highly competent and capable staff. New U Med Spa is one of the most recognized and long-standing facilities known for offering safe and effective penile enlargement. You are welcome to pay a visit to the facility at any time to have your initial consultation.

New U Med Spa is led by Dr. J MD, a board-certified medical practitioner recognized by the American Medical Board. Dr. J MD has over 20 years of expertise in the field of medicine and is committed to continued research and the development of unique ways to aesthetic treatments.

There are clinics in central Florida that provide Penis Fat Transfer. However, delivering a safe and effective treatment with the intended results needs cautious clinic selection. It is critical to select a clinic that has a good reputation for executing this specific treatment. New U Med Spa is one of the best clinics for penis fat transfer in Orlando where highly skilled healthcare providers are available to address your issue.
There are no significant side effects of this treatment as the patient’s own body fats are used to perform this treatment. In order to limit any potential hazards, the treatment must be performed by an experienced specialist.
Men who are looking for penile fat transfer are welcome to visit New U Med Spa in Orlando, Florida. New U Med Spa has gained popularity among men of all ages for its finest treatments related to their sexual well-being.
At least 24 hours of rest is required by most patients to recover. Doctors recommend that patients should avoid lifting weights, working out, jogging, and hiking for at least two weeks.
A penis enlargement via fat transfer is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure used to enhance penile girth and length. Liposuction is utilized in this procedure to collect fat cells, which are subsequently processed and injected into the penile shaft.
Dr. J MD is a Board Certified physician who is offering the best liposuction treatment in Orlando Florida. People from Kissimmee, Tampa, Orange City, Parkland Estates, Miami, or any other city around Florida can benefit from Dr. J MD’s finest skills and the best treatments offered by him.
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