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Fox Eye Treatment

The “Fox Eye” trend relates to a cosmetic treatment where a highly skilled medical professional uses PDO threads lift the outer corners of the eyes to create more extended and almond-shaped eyes that are very similar to the fox. There are different surgical and non-surgical procedures that are helpful to get Fox Eye. Most people prefer cosmetic procedures to avoid having incisions. You can visit New U Med Spa if you have the desire to have Fox Eye Lift, Dr. J MD is offering Fox Eye Lift cosmetic procedures for his patients.

fox eye lift cosmetic procedure
Fox eye lift

Fox Eye Lift Cosmetic Procedure

Fox Eye Lift cosmetic procedure is basically designed to give a more revitalized appearance to the eyes and to cure the sagging of the lower eyelids. The PDO threads used in the procedure help to lift the sagging skin and boost collagen production to give a rejuvenated effect to the skin. This treatment is also known as an anti-aging treatment for the eyelids. It is mandatory to have your skin examined by a professional and certified physician to avoid any discomfort.

Fox Eye Lift through PDO threads:

In cosmetic procedures, PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are often utilized to lift and tighten drooping skin. The Fox Eye PDO thread lift method, which can be done using PDO threads, is done using the following steps:

  • The first thing is to consult a well-experienced and trained physician/plastic surgeon for any surgical or non-surgical treatment. Discuss your expectations and goals with your doctor and consult whether PDO threads are suitable for you or not.
  • The physician then cleans and marks the points where the PDO threads have to be inserted. To reduce the discomfort during the procedure, local anesthesia is provided to the treatment areas. PDO threads are inserted around the eyelids or temples. Threads are positioned at an angle to provide a lifting effect on the eye’s outer corner. When these threads are in the correct position they are gently pushed to raise the outer corner of the eye to form the required shape.
  • The whole Fox Eye PDO thread Lift procedure normally takes 30 minutes depending on the number of threads utilized and the complicated nature of the treatment, more time can be consumed.

Effectiveness of Fox Eye Lift

The effects of the Fox Eye Lift procedures with PDO threads are not permanent, because PDO threads are gradually absorbed by the body. The PDO threads quality also is countable in the effectiveness of the procedure. The lifting effect might last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, depending on the patient’s age, skin health, and lifestyle. Additional treatments may be required for patients to maintain the outcomes over time. To reduce the possibility of problems, like with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to obtain treatment from a trained and experienced practitioner.
fox eye lift orlando

Benefits of Fox Eye Lift

The Fox Eye Lift helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping skin around the brows and temples this produces a rejuvenated look of the face. Also improving the eye shape, making eyes more attractive, bigger, and beautiful. This procedure does not involve general anesthesia or incisions so there are minimum side effects and a very short recovery time, some patients immediately after a day or two start their regular activities. The Fox Eye Lift is not permanent results may last from a few months to a year all depending on the person’s health condition and the technique employed.

Fox Eye Lift treatment at New U Med Spa

Good news for the people searching for Fox Eye Lift cosmetic procedure near Florida. Dr. J MD a board-certified physician performs the Fox Eye Lift procedure, New U Med Spa is always providing the finest non-surgical and surgical cosmetic services for valued patients in Orlando Florida. People living all over Florida can benefit from the mastering skills of Dr. J MD. As the procedure is performed by Dr. J MD and his qualified subordinates it has no effect on the patient’s vision, but it creates a form that is both attractive and appealing.

It is essential to remember that every cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, contains risks and should only be performed by a competent and experienced practitioner. Consult a competent doctor or plastic surgeon before choosing any treatment.
A Fox Eye Lift procedure is as swift as placing PDO threads between the brow and eyelids with a fine needle so that a cannula can be placed to maintain these spots open and the real threads may be inserted.
The Fox Eye Lift procedure is exclusively offered at New U Med Spa situated in Orlando Florida. Dr. J MD has done a lot of research and has the skills and specialty to perform all the PDO threads lift procedures.
PDO thread lifts are one of our most popular cosmetic treatments because they give extremely natural-looking results. The way the body reacts to the thread is an extra benefit of this process. The body naturally reacts to the threads by making more natural collagen, which has an ongoing tissue-firming effect.
The whole procedure of Fox Eye Lift takes approximately half an hour, and a patient only experiences minor bruises or puffiness for one or two days.
We can’t say that it’s a painful procedure, as the areas to be treated are given local anesthesia a little discomfort is felt.
Fox Eye surgery is a plastic surgery whereas Fox Eye Lift is a non-surgical procedure done by inserting PDO threads.
Fox eye lift orlando PDO threads

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