Only non-invasive body contouring technology able to permanently kill adipose tissue and contract skin. Contoura® therefore kills fat, reduces cellulite and tightens skin. Look years younger with a non-invasive, entirely painless procedure.

Life changing, long lasting results no incisions, non-invasive, zero downtime, affordable body fat treatment

Regardless of the type of skincare routine, you may be using, still, your skin will always be vulnerable to the natural deterioration of your system as well as environmental factors. Even though there are potentially endless skin enhancement and treatment techniques out there, none of these techniques have been effective enough to offer perfect and longer lasting results. What’s more, a significant number of these fractional modalities come with their share of problems, causing detrimental impacts on your already damaged skin. It is also worth to note that it is virtually difficult to find a skin rejuvenation technique that can address two or more of your skin concerns.

Fractora, on the other hand, has the possibility to curb your multiple skin problems in one treatment session. This FDA approved skin improvement technique not only improves your lines, skin complexion as well as wrinkles just in a single treatment session. Simply put, the superiority of this state-of-the-art skin enhancement technology lies in its ability to boost the appearance of your skin using only one device.

How does it work?

Melt away body fat in larger body areas such as the abdomen, back, and thighs using clinically proven radio-frequency energy and negative pressure applied to the skin and underlying fat.

Primary Benefits

  • Very Comfortable
  • Non – Surgical
  • No Incisions
  • No Downtime
  • Dramatic
  • Improvements
  • Long Lasting Results



  • Within 30% of ideal Weight
  • Women who have had babies
  • Individuals who have lost weight
  • Anyone Interested in Fat reduction
  • Anyone looking for real results without the scars

Price Range

  • Discount on multiple session
  • Bundle Package with BodyTite or Forma
  • Call For Details
  • Limited Time Only

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician

Dr. J is an American Board Certified physician. When considering getting a medical procedure a person takes many things into account but the most important thing they consider is which doctor will they be trusted with their face and body.

Dr. J performs this procedure at the New U Med Spa, and let us assure you that with his years of experience and artistic skills this procedure turns out to be a very worthwhile experience for you, which gives you equally promising results in return.

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