Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers that are clinically proven and approved is the affordable way to achieve fuller, luscious looking lips.

Regardless of your age, lip augmentation can either rejuvenate lips that show the effects of time or enhance lips that are simply naturally thin. Utilising a wide variety of implants or injectables, synthetic or biological fillers easily and immediately restore or add fullness. Lip augmentation can add subtle definition or it can plump up the volume. Ultimately, your new look is a natural one – the look of youthfulness.

Why Choose New U MedSpa Orlando for Lip Enhancement?

Known for our natural lip enhancement, we would never give you overdone or unnatural looking lips. We believe that the best lip enhancement is achieved by making your lips look natural and in balance with your face.

Our lip enhancement gives your larger lips, improved lip definition and gets rid of any wrinkles above or around the lips, for more youthful, plump lips.

In most cases for a balanced look, our lip enlargements involve filling both the top and the bottom lips. However, if you just require only a top or bottom lip augmentation, please discuss this with our doctor at your consultation.


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