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There are many weight loss options that both men and women could consider to help them finally shed the excess weight. One option that has been rising in popularity is Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park. It is a nonsurgical procedure that is able to scale down fat in particular areas in the body via controlled cooling. It is a FDA-approved procedure that guarantees safe weight loss.

Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park can be used on problem areas such as thighs, abdomen, under the chin, back, sides, and by the buttocks. Because it is noninvasive, it is considered by many to be the safer option when it comes to weight loss. Instead of going under the knife to get rid of stubborn fat, you can now eliminate it the safe, easy and painless way.

New U Med Spa: Learn Of The Cool Weight Loss Treatment

Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park is a non-surgical procedure that results in long-term loss of fat cells. This technology, developed by Harvard scientists, uses controlled cooling to target and crystallize fat cells. The crystallized fat cells gradually die off, then are naturally eliminated from the body. Results can be further enhanced by combining Cool Sculpting with other treatment modalities such as Ultrasound Cavitation or Skin Tightening. Patients can start to see results as soon as two weeks following a CoolSculpting treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months.

If you are looking for a premiere aesthetic and wellness center around the Greater Orlando area, New U MedSpa is the one for you. It has state of the art facility that offers the latest treatments to help you look and feel your very best. We take pride in delivering quality results to our patients in the most caring manner possible. We specialize in all areas of Aesthetic Treatments, Vampire Procedures, Sexual Wellness, Weight Loss, Hair Restoration, and all of the latest anti-aging advancements with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapies and Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park.

Know More About Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park

Eliminate fat cells the cool way by trying Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Winter Park. This is preferred by many who want to slim down because of its many advantages: there is absolutely no downtime, no needles or cutting, no anesthesia and no scarring. If you want expert opinion regarding this treatment, feel free to contact New U MedSpa now!