Vampire Hair Regrowth

Have you heard about Vampire Hair Regrowth – the revolutionary new treatment for hair loss? It is versatile because it can be used with hair transplant surgery or as an independent treatment for thinning hair. This treatment uses PRP, short for Platelet-Rich Plasma, to induce regrowth of hair.

What is PRP and how is it used in hair regrowth? PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is the use of a person's own blood platelets to enhance hair growth as a stand-alone treatment or to improve the recovery and results of hair transplant surgery. In the field of cell therapy and tissue regeneration, research is continuing to progress regarding the use of PRP's ability to stimulate stem cells, improve wound healing, and rejuvenate skin and hair follicles.A small sample of blood is obtained from the patient. This sample is processed in an FDA-cleared device to separate the platelets and plasma from other components like red blood cells. Platelets may then be 'activated,' releasing powerful molecules which have profound biologic effects on hair follicles and skin.

How is the procedure performed? Blood is drawn in our office as though you are having routine blood testing at your primary care physician's office. The blood is spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood.The PRP is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration.After centrifugation, the platelets and other vital growth proteins raise to the top of the tube. Under a topical anesthesia, a special micro needling roller device is used to stimulate the dermis of the scalp. This micro needling stimulation causes microtrauma to the dermis that induces other healing and growth repair cells into action. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp and topically.

If you want to take back control of your hair and restore your confidence, grow back a healthy mop of hair. The use of platelet-rich plasma in hair restoration has been proven effective to induce hair regrowth. Talk to a PRP doctor now to know if you are qualified to try this procedure.