Inside The $125,000 Oscar Nominees Gift Bag



Inside The $125,000 Oscar Nominees Gift Bag

Win or lose, Reese Witherspoon will still take home some awesome gifts.
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EVEN if this year's Oscar nominees don't win an award, they'll still get to take home an incredible gift bag worth more than $125,000.

Each of the nominees in the Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Director categories will take home a range of goodies, including a hi-tech vibrator and a session to teach them mind control techniques.

So what are some of the items in the gift bag that's been compiled by Distinctive Assets?

$20,000 worth of car rentals from Silvercar, the all-Audi airport car rental company.

A $250 vibrator from Afterglow, an adult toy that uses low level laser therapy to enhance arousal.

A $5,000 medical procedure called an O-Shot. Basically it's where "your own blood platelets are injected into vaginal tissue" and according to its inventor, Dr Charles Runels, it helps "generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response in the vagina".

A $20,000 gift certificate from Enigma Life, which includes dream analysis, a horoscope reading and a lesson in mind control techniques.

Inside The $125,000 Oscar Nominees Gift Bag

Bradley Cooper probably doesn't have much use for the O-Shot treatment.
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A three-night stay at Villa Armena in Tuscany valued at $1,500.

A $5,060 Home Spa System from Steamist.

10 personal training sessions with Alexis Sleetzky, valued at $900.

An $800 voucher for a custom candy buffet from Candy Vixen.

A $5,000 piece of art from Gunner Fox.

$4,068 worth of treatment at Ventura Lipo-Light, which claims to help people lose between three to nine inches from their waist in three weeks.

A $25,000 piece of custom furniture designed by Elena Foccoli.

A $14,239 package from Reset Yourself, which includes a hair mineral analysis and retest, nutritional supplements, a pantry detox and a session with a meditation expert.

A $12,500 voucher for Terravelo Tours, which "combines the adventure of cycling, hiking, and excursions with gourmet cuisine and plush outdoor living quarters".

A 10,000 meal donation of Halo Natural Pet Food to the animal shelter of the celebrity's choice.

A $229 automatic wearable camera from Narrative Clip. It's a five megapixel camera that takes two pictures every minute.

Inside The $125,000 Oscar Nominees Gift Bag

Will Julianne Moore re-gift the goodies at Christmas time? Source: Getty Images

Inside The $125,000 Oscar Nominees Gift Bag

Michael Keaton has been nominated for Birdman. Source: Getty Images