Couple who wanted to improve their sex life become the first in Britain to have a vampire facial 'down there'. So did it work?

By Peter Lloyd | Mailonline

When the world saw Kim Kardashian undertake a Vampire Facial, it sparked a whole new – and rather gory - beauty trend.

Scores of women, from Ferne McCann to Anna Friel, followed suit by drenching themselves in their own 'platelet-rich plasma', otherwise known as PRP, to turn back - or, at least, momentarily stop - the appearance of time by boosting collagen with fresh blood cell production.

But, as yet, no famous faces have taken it as far as Charl Chapman, 48, and Nina Howell, 38, from Essex, who have become Britain's first couple to undergo the procedure in a far more intimate place.

Charl Chapman (right) and Nina Howell (left) have become Britain's first couple to undergo the platelet-rich plasma or
PRP procedure down below in a bid to improve their sex life

Dr Kannan Athreya performs the procedure at The Private Clinic in Shenfield, Essex

Forget aphrodisiacs and little blue pills, this brand new therapy isn't just touted as the latest (and, allegedly, safest) remedy for sexual dysfunction. It's also a first for British aesthetics.

Performed exclusively by Dr Kannan Athreya at The Private Clinic in Shenfield, Essex, the eyebrow-raising techniques are divided into the Orgasm-Shot, for women, and the P-Shot, for men.

The former is designed 'to tighten and plump-up vaginal walls, while promoting sensitivity of the G spot, rejuvenate appearance and enhance arousal', while the latter offers men firmer, more intense erections.

Combine the two and you have potential for some rather explosive bedroom shenanigans. But why would anybody want to undergo such personal preening in the first place, you might ask?

Well, probably to tackle some of the thousands of sexual complaints presented to GPs across the country, each year. The very same woes which see millions of pounds spent on over-the-internet prescription medicines.

In fact, according to the Sexual Advice Association, intimacy problems affect roughly 50 per cent of women - a number which skyrockets with age, meaning there's a definite demand.


Nina Howell , a mother-of-four, says she wanted to restore her pre-childbirth tautness. The Orgasm-Shot - as it is known for women - is designed 'to tighten and plump-up vaginal walls, while promoting sensitivity of the G spot, rejuvenate appearance and enhance arousal'


Not least because these latest, breakthrough procedures are largely low-risk and discreet.

'The treatments are relatively new in Europe, but they have been used for some time in the US with zero adverse effects,' Dr Athreya said.

'I was on the first European training course for the O and P shots under the watchful eye of the inventor, Dr Charles Runels in July 2015, and they are already becoming increasingly popular over here'.

Like many women, Nina's concerns were representative of countless others in her peer group.

A mother-of-four, she wanted to restore her pre-childbirth tautness. An issue that's seldomly discussed among yummy mummies.

Charl and Nina from Essex wanted to improve their sex life after stress and childbirth took its toll

She said: 'I delivered twin girls in 2012, a baby boy in 2013 and a second son in 2014, so it was a concern that I was too loose.

'All of my children were delivered vaginally, but I also had a large episiotomy, which resulted in a lot of painful scar tissue.

'Similarly, I had stress incontinence and I've long been bothered by the appearance of my labia, so it seemed like the best treatment for me.'

Performed in much the same way as the Vampire Facial, blood is extracted from the arm.

The O-Shot only differs - albeit crucially - when patients are asked to apply local anaesthetic around the labia, vaginal walls and clitoris.

Whilst this is having an effect, the extracted blood is placed in a centrifuge machine, where it's spun to remove the red cells and leave concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) - the magic ingredient.

The pair now say that they have seen positive results from the treatment and feel more confident and satisfied in the bedroom

A small amount of local anaesthetic is then injected below the clitoris to help numb, then the PRP is injected at the entrance to the vagina in the upper wall, where it pads out slack skin and renews damaged nerves.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some women report an initial instant arousal response, which then settles down until the PRP becomes more active three weeks later, when sensitivity is meant to improve for a longer time-frame.

Patients are advised to have three sessions over five months for maximum results, with yearly maintenance top-ups. But, science aside, how does it feel to voluntarily have a needle in your nether regions - all for the purpose of passion?

Nina said: 'The injections to numb the treatment areas were fairly painful, I won't lie. But, after that, I suffered no discomfort whatsoever. And already I feel much confident down there... just for addressing the issues which upset me.'

Normally, each treatment lasts 30 minutes, meaning it could realistically be performed in a lunch hour, but Nina also opted to have a second procedure called the Mona Lisa Touch.

Billed as a beneficial bolt-on to the O-Shot, it uses CO2 Laser to counter vaginal atrophy, which sees countless women suffer dryness, irritation, painful intercourse and incontinence - symptoms commonly experienced after childbirth or as a result of the menopause.

When done in conjunction, the two non-invasive therapies are offered to firm, tone and re-sensitize, without the risks - or, at £1,000 per session - the costs of a so-called 'designer vagina'.

Once again, some report an improvement after the first treatment, but a hat trick over four months is recommended, with a single, yearly top-up.

Dr Athreya says the laser fires thousands of tiny energy dots, which penetrate the vaginal lining. The heat dissipates in the tissue rapidly to allow the heat to dissipate in the tissues of the vagina.

'The body responds by setting off a mild inflammatory response. With this, new, younger tissue is created - fresh collagen, elastin and new blood vessels,' he said.

The couple, pictured here with one of their children, opted for the bold new treatment beacuse it has minimal risks and down-time

Within a week Charl had noticed a better erectile response, with the improvements continuing for over a month

'The result is a more flexible area, increased blood supply to the lining of the vagina, improving surface health and lubrication, while promoting the growth of the natural, friendly bacteria that prevents infection.

'It's also painless and requires no anaesthetic, which makes it a game changer,' he added.

And, according to Nina, it works. 'I've definitely noticed quite quickly that the area of discomfort around the scar tissue was less painful,' she said.

'I actually believe that my quality of orgasm has improved, too, with a degree of heightened sensitivity to the clitoris. Although it does help that I also have a very understanding and sympathetic partner.'

Charl, a dentist, had his own reasons for trying the procedure.

He said: 'I had erectile problems at times in the past, when I was particularly stressed. But I suffered a mild heart attack in 2011 after extreme stress and pressure.

'As I have always tried to keep fit, it had gone undiagnosed until months later in 2012, upon which I had to have a double bypass operation.

Nina also opted to have a second procedure called the Mona Lisa Touch. Billed as a beneficial bolt-on to the O-Shot, it uses CO2 Laser for the management of vaginal atrophy, which sees countless women suffer dryness, irritation, painful intercourse and incontinence - symptoms commonly experienced after childbirth or as a result of the menopause

'The medications I was on after that had a devastating effect on my erectile function. I had been receiving prescriptions for sildenafil (Viagra) which helped, but it was very expensive as they were not provided by the NHS at the time.

'Also, they need to be taken about an hour before you have sex, so spontaneity goes out of the window to a large extent.

'It didn't help the relationship either. So when I was offered the P-shot, I was keen.

'I was a bit apprehensive about the injections in my privates, but it wasn't a hard decision - pardon the pun.'

Much like the O-Shot, blood is collected from a vein in the arm, then used to collect the plasma.

The PRP is subsequently injected into four points into the shaft of the penis, including the glans, which helps make it thicker and more responsive to stimuli.

'It's only slightly uncomfortable - certainly nothing like I expected,' Charl explained.

'A few injections of local anaesthetic are administered which leaves the penis as numb as a dental injection does lips. The whole process probably takes about half an hour.'

Thankfully, he didn't suffer any adverse effects afterwards either.

'Surprisingly, it wasn't really painful once the numbness wore off. There is just a sort of awareness of it for a few days after,' he said. 'Part of the aftercare involves using a pump to stimulate and erection, so that the healing response is optimal.

Even this on the first day wasn't painful. It just felt like it does when you've had a passionate weekend.'