The Kim Kardashian Beauty & Skin Care Effect: 5 Myths About The Infamous Vampire Facial

By: Kim West | Fashion Times


Since everyone loves to keep up with the Kardashians, who doesn't remember seeing Kim K freak out at the site of blood on her face during a beauty treatment on her hit reality show? Thanks to that episode, the procedure, known as the Vampire Facial continues to rise in popularity. But, like everything attached to the celebrity world, there are tons of rumors about this treatment that continue to swirl, leaving patients confused. Check out what Warren B. Seiler III, M.D. says really happens during a vampire facial.

"I heard Kim K was in so much pain!"

In the now famous episode of KUWTK, everyone remembers when Kim K began screaming because of the pain. "What viewers did not know was that Kim did not receive the standard numbing cream used by all reputable physicians performing this treatment," Dr. Seiler revealed. "In reality, not reality show, a trained medial professional will use a numbing cream and a very small needle, for minimal discomfort and certainly no tears," the expert reassured us.

"I saw a picture of Kim's bloody face — omg, the things celebs do to stay looking perfect."

This myth likely stems from the crazy images of bloodied celebrity faces posed right after the procedure. "You are not going under the knife or anesthesia, but rather under a very tiny micro-needle, which is nonsurgical. It is an alternative in terms of cost and pain level compared to other procedures," Dr. Seiler said.

"The Vampire Facial left Kim bloody and bruised."

While the immediate post-results can raise eyebrows, the purpose of this facial isn't to drain you of your blood like Dracula. "The Vampire Facial can help improve the overall look, health and quality of your skin. It can help even skin tones, color and complexion. The procedure can also improve the texture, volume and smoothness of your skin. Give it time and you should see results within a few days and continue on for several months, Seiler explained.

"Kim didn't post any pics after she had this done. It took forever for her to get her skin back to normal."

Dr. Seiler says that at most, you will have 12-24 hours of mild redness with minimal to no swelling. "This can easily and safely be covered with makeup. Generally, you can go to work the next day and no one will know you had an aesthetic treatment done," he said.