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Together with the Priapus shot (P- shot) for men, the Orlando O-shot is also one of the most recent and most recommended treatment approaches women who are having problems with their sexual health and functioning. One of the biggest advantages of getting this shot is that it is non-surgical. Individuals who are getting the treatment do not have to under the knives for their sexual health issues to be addressed.

Additionally, they are non- pharmacologic. The treatment procedures do not employ any form of drugs. Hence, the clients do not have to fear for hypersensitivity reactions and other adverse effects to occur. The Orlando O-shot and the P- shot procedures will only take 10-15 minutes. Clients do not have to wait that long for the entire procedure to be finished. It will not consume so much of their time and energy.

Get the Best Orlando O-shot
at New U MedSpa

New U MedSpa is one of the well- known centers that cater both health and aesthetic issues. One of the most famous treatments that the center has to address sexual health problems in women is the Orlando O-shot or the Orgasm shot. This treatment actually has a counterpart for men and it is known as the P-shot or the Priapus shot. When it comes to health and beauty problems, the people now know of a trusted treatment center that truly cares for them.

Other than the Orlando O-shot for women and the P-shot for men, the New U MedSpa also offers the services for their clients including Mesotherapy, lip enhancement, Vampire procedures (breastlift, facelift, facial, hair restoration, scar repair), weigh loss management program, cheek augmentation and a lot more.

Got Sexual Health Concerns? Not a Problem

Women also suffer from problems with their sexual health and functioning. They experience lack of sexual arousal, sexual desire, problems with reaching orgasm and a lot more. Women with sexual health problems certainly need a reliable treatment center like the New U MedSpa to have appropriate treatment interventions for their sexual health concerns.