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Both men and women cannot escape hair thinning and hair loss. Stress, ageing and genetics are the factors that put an individual at a greater risk of experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. If for instance, the main culprit of your hair loss is genetics, NeoGraft Jamaica is a hair restoration treatment that is most suitable for you. But of course, the hair restoration expert has to consider other factors in choosing for the right treatment approach.

If you are decided to undergo a hair restoration procedure, one of the most important things to do is to look for an aesthetic doctor, who has already established a good reputation in the field of aesthetic medicine. By doing this, you are making sure that the procedure will be carried out successfully and that it will give you the results you expect to have.

New U MedSpa Brings You NeoGraft Jamaica Hair Restoration Treatment

New U MedSpa center opens its doors to all those who are having beauty and wellness woes. If your problem is hair thinning and hair loss, then we give you two treatment options: NeoGraft Jamaica and Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration procedures. Dr. Junaid Syed, the owner and resident aesthetic expert of the center holds excellent credentials and he is equipped with rich experiences that make him one of the top doctors.

Other than NeoGraft Jamaica and PRP hair restoration procedures, our aesthetic and wellness center also offers the safest and the most effective treatment procedures that will be the best answer to your problems. We at New U MedSpa make sure that you will have a great journey towards achieving your aesthetic and wellness goals.

Proficient Hair Restoration Expert,
Excellent Results

If you are planning to undergo a hair restoration procedure to address hair thinning and or hair loss, the best thing to do is always to look for one of the most trusted and competent hair restoration experts. Having a truly proficient doctor just like the one at New U MedSpa is one way of making sure that you will have a safe, smooth-flowing procedure that will yield excellent results.