HCG Treatment

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women. When injected daily into a non-pregnant individual, along with consumption of a low calorie diet, the hCG allows the body's fat to be burned and used for fuel. hCG hormone is also supposed to suppress hunger.

How does the HCG Weight Loss Diet work?

The problem with dieting is compliance – that is, staying on the diet and keeping the calories low. hCG is a natural hormone, which when given in low doses acts as an appetite suppressant. It's far easier to stay on a diet when you aren't hungry and irritable all the time. In addition, the hCG weight loss diet causes you to burn fat, not muscle, so you get a better sculpted weight loss. The hCG injections along with a low calorie diet allows you to lose weight and more importantly allows you to stay on the diet and lose the fat you want and not the muscle you need.

What to expect with the hCG Weight Loss Diet?

With HCG injections, a low calorie diet, and mild exercise, most patients will see a weight loss of ½-1 pound per day on average. You will notice that as the weight and fat is coming off, you won't be hungry all the time despite having such a low calorie diet.

*Individual results may vary.