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Genetics and constant exposure to stressors are two of the main factors that put you at greater risk for hair loss. The process of losing your hair usually begins with hair thinning. If it goes unmanaged, then it will eventually lead to hair loss. A lot of people- both men and women are actually experiencing this but the good thing is that they can undergo hair restoration Jamaica treatment anytime.

No matter what the reason behind your hair loss is, hair restoration will do its job and that is to grow back your healthy and beautiful hair. Aesthetic experts usually offer NeoGraft or PRP hair restoration Jamaica. It depends upon the patient which hair re-growth technique he/she wants. The doctor will also help the patient decide by discussing about these two procedures.

New U MedSpa has Got One of the
Best Docs in Hair Restoration Jamaica

New U MedSpa proffers two of the most widely-used solution for hair re-growth worldwide. These two procedures are NeoGraft and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) hair restoration Jamaica. Dr. Junaid Syed, one of the top doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine, does not only own the aesthetic and wellness center but he is the one who personally performs the procedures.

Here at New U MedSpa we guarantee you that you will receive the safest, the latest and the most effective procedures that are appropriate for your case. If your problem, for instance, is hair thinning and hair loss, then we can definitely give you two of the best treatments- NeoGraft or the PRP hair restoration Jamaica. These treatment procedures are FDA-approved and effective.

Excellent Solution for
Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

There are a lot of factors that can put you at higher risk of experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. But good news to those who are having it right now and those who will eventually have it because hair restoration procedures at New U MedSpa will help you grow your hair back. These hair re-growth techniques are surely excellent solutions.