Cheek Augmentation

By adding volume to the cheeks, the previous, youthful, facial fullness can be
restored and enhanced – thereby lessening the signs of aging.

Specific Dermal Fillers are now available for non-surgical cheek and/or chin augmentation, including Voluma, Radiesse, Ellanse, Emervel. All of which are available at both our clinics, London.

Who is Suitable?

This procedure offers a suitable alternative to surgical cheek and chin implants. It is primarily indicated for:

  • Cheek Augmentation – for those with flat cheekbones or who have lost volume in the area with age.
  • Chin Augmentation – as an alternative to a surgically inserted chin implants, in those who have always had a ‘weak’ or under-developed chin.

How Will I Look Afterwards?

Immediately after treatment, you may notice some swelling, slight tenderness, mild redness and a little bruising in the area. The inconvenience is temporary and usually disappears in 1-2 weeks.

How Long Will it Last?

The product used produces long-lasting correction but it is not permanent. Improvement lasting over a year is usual.


For more information on cheek augmentation, contact New U MedSpa Orlando on: 888-689-3070 or complete our online inquiry form.